Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yoga and bible verses

I go to a yoga class through the gym at my university.  It is geared towards beginners and is a yoga practice that is focused on relaxation and restoration.  It isn't a class that I want to always be in (I want to eventually do cool stuff like inversions and hand balancing) but it nice after a week of school work and a time where I can just breathe and relax and look out the window through this really cool stained glass!

Here is a selfie of me that makes my nose look very... round.  Does it look like this normally?

Before going to work one day I stopped in at Bulk Barn (and I didn't buy any candy!) but I got two Go Macro bars.  They are nice - I enjoyed them.  If you don't like rice syrup based bars I wouldn't buy them.
They were very large, chewy, and tasted ok for something that comes in a package bought from a barn. 

I love finding quotes or verses that I enjoy and finding a way to make them into an instagram image or even just a picture to share.  Here are a few of them.  Share them (copy and paste or save them on your computer) and use them whatever way you'd like.

Do you have a favorite quote or bible verse?  I'd love to use it to make a word photo of it for you!