Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Agatsu Level 1 Certification

Over the February break (last week) I had the pleasure to travel to Montreal to attend a five day intensive training seminar through Agatsu Academy.

We started with a handout of their Course Work Book.  And I have to admit - sitting here writing up this post is the first time I have flipped through the information. It's great though! It begins with emphasizing the importance of mobility and then extensive technique of all of the important basics - swing, clean, snatch, TGU, windmill. And other important ones - like the jerk! Apparently the e-version of the workbook has videos included - so if you are a beginner and not sure of a few things - you don't have to rely on just the words to guide you.  I recommend it.

Course work book.
The days were long - starting at 9:30am and ending at 6:00pm or 4:00pm.  The certification at the end was the test for Level 1 KB Instructor but throughout the week we learned more than just things about the kettlebell.  We were taught handstand progressions (amazing!), joint mobility, adaptive body work, lots of great warm up drills (like the lizard walk - I will try to find a video), stick work (see video at the end of this post below), some ring work and more! 

At the end we did our testing for KB 1 and we all got certified. :)

I don't have any plans on teaching or finding clients.  I did sign up for a personal training cert - but unfortunately it got cancelled (through a gym out here).  I mainly did it for my own education and as a learning experience.  I do recommend Agatsu if you want to learn more about kettlebells - there was one person who was there that had very little knowledge, and now she has lots!  I came in with a few years of kettlebell work, and a few good years too.  I didn't have many problems (with kettlebells at least) to iron out - so it may be a problem for a few people that have bad habits.  So the sooner you get it - the better! 

I do have plans to start training for the Level 2 certification.  The requirements are much more stringent - like ring push ups and pull ups.  I will have to work on them and program them in.  I plan on doing this certification when my Level 1 expires - in 2016.

Here is a list of the top ten things I am taking away from my week in Montreal!

My Top Ten: 

1. The very first day I wrote in my note book: 'have a yoga practice.'

2. If you don't program something in to your program - it won't happen.  Dec 2012 I made a HUGE list of goals I wanted to complete for 2013. Barely any of them happened. Why?  Because I thought they were magically going to happen.  What a joke! A handstand won't happen if I don't practice them.  I won't suddenly get strong enough or comfortable upside down if I don't actually get upside down!  I won't be able to do multiple pull ups if I don't physically practice pull ups or program them in to my training. 

3. Eating a whole baguette (even if it is free!) will make my stomach hurt tremendously.

4. $12 oatmeal at an expensive airport restaurant is really messed up.  I'm pretty sure I could have bought enough oatmeal to last six months with $12.

5. I want to put an effort in learning the French language.  Montreal is bilingual, yes.  But visiting there made me realize how much I am missing by not knowing it.

6. It doesn't make sense to only train the things I am good at.  

7. From my journal: "If I looked different, and couldn't do pull-ups, would I be satisfied?  Probably not.  I'd rather be able to do pull-ups at any [body] weight and at any body physique."

8. There is a regression for anything.

9. I am an introvert and this week was draining.  But it was important for me to stretch myself in more than one way and that included a new city and new people.

10. Movement is everything.  I want to be able to move everyday and in all forms.  Sitting is for chumps.  Being static and stagnant - that's for the barely alive.  The body I have is the only one I have - I might as well see what it is capable of.



  1. this is a great post, Heidi. thanks for sharing your insights! cool stuff.

  2. Great post! Good for you - taking the initiative to travel to a distant city to take this training on your Break! Can't wait to see the "Heidi Lizard Walk" vid!