Sunday, January 12, 2014

Retreat Jan 2014

Fireworks in the snow.
I have just returned from a youth retreat with two other leaders and five kids.  To say that I was a 'leader' would probably be stretching the truth, I mostly just acted as a warm bodied adult and the other leaders took care of the rest.  :)

The theme of the weekend was ideas around 'following' and what it means to seek out solace, the Sabbath, or 'retreating'.  Which is completely hilarious if you know me.

Retreating into a cottage, in the woods, two hours from the city, with a bunch of people (yes, people!) where I have to actually interact with them on daily basis (hourly, minute) is not something I would necessarily call a 'retreat'.  After being home for a few hours now, I have retreated inside, I retreated to my bed.  I have found solace among my familiar things.  I have found comfort in being home.  (Maybe I finally know what it means to go on a 'retreat' - it's physically what you do after to get away from the participants!).

Obligatory hair braiding by a Jr. High'er :)
Don't get me wrong - friendships have started and others have strengthened, there was interesting conversation and fun games played.  I did enjoy myself.  (I swear!)

But I did spend some time thinking about the word 'retreat' and the ideas that surround it.  What are we actually 'retreating' from?  Can we name it?  Is it something we do, does it have a face?  Does it have something to do with being uncomfortable, or are retreating from the comfortable to the uncomfortable?  What purpose would being uncomfortable serve in an intentional Christian community?

We can gain deeper friendships and stronger relationships.  Which takes effort, and patience, and time.  And being uncomfortable, especially for this secret introverted girl.

For now - I will catch up on sleep and eat some vegetables (I only had a few carrots!) and think more about what it takes to gain friendships and to be uncomfortable.

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