Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Obligatory New Year Post

Do you know specifically what your resolution was for last year?  Did you write it down somewhere?  Or was it something vague - like lose weight, be more productive, eat healthy?

Well - I actually do have a Goals for 2013 list.  I actually have two of them which add up to 10 points I wanted to accomplish plus a mini list of revisions.

Ugh  - let's just say I overshot the whole resolutions thing last year.  I had goals for my GPA, for the number of push-ups I wanted to do, chin-ups, pull-ups and dips.  I wanted to accomplish specific yoga poses and to hit certain numbers on my front squat, deadlift, floor press, and overhead press. 

I hit my goal of a 125lb front squat and a 75lb overhead press (I actually think I can OHP more than that, I'm not sure of the specific number at them moment). 

Two goals accomplished out of 10?  Hmmm.... not bad?!

Perhaps I should have focused on three or four things and worked really hard to accomplish those. Or, maybe I should have made a better plan on how I was going to go about accomplishing all ten goals in 365 days. 

A better plan.  Losers set goals.  Winners set plans?  

My Plan for 2014

Well, to be honest, I'm not sure. 

I want to focus on my career and education, and really decide and think about where I want both to take me.

I want to 'eat better' which basically means stop eating shit that makes me feel like shit.  I want to follow a meal plan, create a better food budget, and learn new recipes.

I want to do and be so much more than what I am today, and that will be my resolution.  Maybe I'll even drop the 'more' and just, be.

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