Thursday, January 9, 2014

Classes & Candy

The beginning of a new semester!  New classes, new professors, more friends, more homework, more exams!!  I am excited for this semester because I am finally taking nutrition classes which I am in school for! At the end of last semester I was a little worried about whether this was actually what I wanted to go back to school for.  A second degree is tough.  I feel older (because I am) than most of the other students (although there is quite a bit of us with other degrees) and I feel more mature than other students.  But after finally taking nutrition courses I feel more confident in my decision to still be in school and to be a pursuing a better future for myself.

Winter 2014 Classes 

I am continuing the second half of Anatomy and Physiology (one class, they are combined at my school).  I'm also taking an Intro Foods class that is all about animals.  In the first class we watched a video of a man squeezing out fish eggs of a female fish, then squeezing out the sperm of the male fish and mixing it all together in a bowl! (With his bare hand)!  

I am also in a business class, micronutrients and sports nutrition.  Expect lots of future posts about sports nutrition!  

Stuff I've been enjoying

I wasn't planning on going to the gym yesterday (even though I ended up going - and I hurt my hamstring!) so I went for an hour walk before my last class of the day (which is pretty late, 6-7pm).  I walk for 30 minutes in one direction, and I turn around and head back.  I ended up in this really neat natural foods store!  I had no idea it existed!  I got some candy (pictured) that I'll definitely be back for. :)  

Honey Twins still has sugar in it, but it is made with gelatin and has no artificial flavors, colouring, or preservatives.  It also has some legit vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, E, B5, B6, B1, niacin and biotin.  I highly doubt conventional gummy bears are similar. ;)

I picked up a devotional for the beginning of the year, The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer.  Super cheesy title, but some really great stuff inside.  It is not Bible heavy, but mostly just inspirational thoughts, stories, or ideas to think about to help gain more confidence, or trust, in yourself.  I recommend it!

The following is a quote that I pulled from the devotional for today, January 9:

I am looking forward to writing more about my studies, training, and my life with the readers of this small and humble blog.  I have big plans for this (and for my life) and I want to use this place as a way to document it and to share the journey.  I hope you will bookmark the home page and add me to the list of blogs you regularly read!  

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