Thursday, March 14, 2013



Squat x6
Lunge Left x6
Lunge Right x6
Push-up x6
Push Press or OHP x6


Deload week. 

Finish with:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I recently have started reading ebooks on my cell phone.  I never thought I would like it as I do enjoy the feel and smell of a book but I've so far read two books in the past week or so, and that's more non-school books I've read this year.  It's awesome being able to read it whenever I want to, and I've also been able to download books from the Halifax public library.  I'm the type of person that spends too much money on books I never get around to reading, so being able to satisfy book lust with a quick download is right up my alley.

The first one I read was "Our Daily Bread" by Lauren B. Davis.  Davis lived in Nova Scotia in the '70s when news of the Goler clan surfaced.  They were (are?) a family that lived in a small rural community in Nova Scotia and most of the adults were charged with abuse, including sexual, of most of the children - for multiple generations.  The thing is - most of the people in the surrounding community new something about it - whether gossip or truth.  But, they were considered 'them' and 'those people' and essentially - outsiders.  Not to be talked about or discussed and left alone to whatever it was they wanted to do, as long as it didn't invade on 'our' land.  The book is fiction and the author makes it clear that the story could happen anywhere.

I also just finished reading "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" by Shirley Jackson.  This story is dark and creepy and I don't recommend reading it in the dark with only the glow of your screen's back light to keep you company.  I may have had nightmares the nights I've read this one.

Merricat, the narrator, lives with her sister and her ailing Uncle in a castle that only Merricat leaves and barely anyone comes and visits.  When she does leave, she is whispered at, pointed at, and talked about in the village not far from her home.  Her Uncle is writing a memoir of sorts, and through him talking about it, you can piece together that the sister, Constance, was acquitted of murdering other family members and that is why the village doesn't like them anymore and shuns them.

Both books are about being an outsider.  When reading Davis' novel you can't help but think of someone, or some situation that you wished you helped more or wish you done something about - but you justified it in your head, but to what cost?

When reading Jackson's novel I just couldn't help but think about how creepy it was.

I do recommend both.

Friday, March 1, 2013

You've probably already seen these...

.... but I still think they are funny and/or interesting.

1. Guacamole.  Dice. Pin Cushion. Avocado grenade. Very cool.

2. They are goats.  They also scream like humans.

3.  Pink is a classic (in a good way).  One of my favorite songs of the moment.

4. Impressive.

5. And... you probably already seen this one, but it's pretty cute.